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With an array of internet businesses across key markets focusing on Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Middle East and Indonesia, we have experienced rapid growth and positive overall engagement from all of our constituents. Web design, mobile app development, and IT experts, we have been able to create a robust network of companies that are only poised to expand even more. It is our industry knowledge and training that enable us to form successful ventures time and time again.

Food and Beverages
Clothing and Footwaer

Having worked extensively within these primary markets in Singapore, Malaysia, the Middle East and Indonesia, we understand what it takes to bring any business to the top. It is about digital marketing, on point web development and mobile app integration. For all of our companies, we have worked diligently toward their overall success. Investing in Almantaq’s portfolio of internet businesses is a guaranteed way to realize growth and profit. Our mission is to ensure our investors’ ROI, while establishing productive partnerships and relationships beneficial for all parties.

Mobile technology isn’t the wave of the future – mobile technology is NOW! We have shown through our many businesses that we know how to implement diverse and powerful wireless strategies in order to really create productive and profitable ventures. In partnering with us and investing in the future of the region’s internet businesses, you will not be disappointed.

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